USA: 55%
Cayman Islands: 0%
Germany: 65%
Lithuania: 30%
Hungary 25%
Switzerland, Canton Zug: 34%
Georgia, Virtual Zone: 25%
Hong Kong, Offshore Status: 17%
Dubai, Freezone: 0%
Seychelles: 0%
Corporate tax rate by country
International tax and duty burdens *
* In each case circa, in each case including taxes on distributed profits, in each case with personal tax liability in the respective country
Moreover, finance ministries everywhere are scrambling to increase rates, and plug loopholes ...
We are not all taxed the same
If governments proclaim equality, boundlessness and freedom of opportunity, this stops quite fast with the money, the taxes.
Companies and people are taxed differently, it is made more difficult for them to move away, and opportunities are curtailed in order to reduce tax and contribution burdens.
The Tax Burden
It's not fair, but it doesn't have to be that way - break the tax burden.